It's Tamara, but you can call her Tammi or Coco...her friends and family do.

What you will find on this website are the links to all of the important stuff. 

You know, the stuff that makes this woman tick.

When the Dust Settled is her memoir. 

It's a story about life, love, family, forgiveness, acceptance and redemption.
It's gritty and honest; full of humor and even a touch of wisdom. 

It will leave you crying and laughing ~ often on the same page.
We could go on and on about what a great book this is
but instead we will just tell you to check out the reviews on Amazon.
You can order a signed copy of the book here; 

just send us a message from the "Contact Us" tab.

The book has been wildly popular with book clubs

and we are always happy to send some hard copies to your club.
And who knows...if you invite her to your book discussion group she just may show up. 

She has been known to. Consider yourself warned.

Sauce du Jour is the name of her blog which features

hundreds of recipes, not to mention some funny stories. 

The Sauce du Jour Culinary Institution (where every crazy chef gets a sharp knife)

is a fun place where some cool people gather each month

to drink wine and whip up a bunch of really great food.

And to drink wine. Did we mention that? We drink a little wine.

Private chef lessons can happen in our kitchen or in yours,

and we promise ~ cooking has never been so much fun.

 The Sauce du Jour Culinary Institution does private parties,

private lessons, chef services, or will even make and deliver dinner.

Just send your private jet to us and we will come to you!

Pisces is a 47' Leopard Catamaran that she and her husband

(around here we call him "The Big Guy")

have available for charter in the beautiful British Virgin Islands.

You and five of your best friends can spend a week sailing,

diving, snorkeling, beach combing and soaking up the sun,

while being pampered and spoiled by Pisces outstanding crew. 

Travis and Missy, the handsome Captain and the adorable and incredibly talented chef, 

will take care of your every want and need.

If you want pricing and more info on Pisces private yacht charters

inquire here and we can make it happen for you!

We have people. Our people have people.

Thanks for visiting and feel free to leave us a message.

We promise to reply. We don't promise not to stalk you first.

Remember that whole, "we have people thing?"

We do. Just sayin'.

                                                                         ~ Tamara Littrell